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Vinyl Gazebo

Vinyl Gazebos - Gazebo Emporium

Most homeowners want to have a gazebo in their garden and also want a structure that is maintenance free. This is one area where vinyl gazebos fit to perfection. For long lasting beauty with no-maintenance, the vinyl gazebo is a good choice! You don't need to worry about the initial painting or staining. The flooring material is a no-maintenance composite decking of the best quality available. We use pressure-treated pine inserts in the rails and posts for strength. We recommend asphalt shingles of your choice with tongue and groove cedar ceiling. Authentic slate is also available. All the options on the interactive options page are available for your vinyl gazebo.

In order to choose the right vinyl gazebo size, consider the furniture that you want to put in your gazebo. For just a few chairs or benches, the 10x10 vinyl gazebo will be fine. If you plan to have a table, we recommend a 12x12 vinyl gazebo or larger. For two people, a coffee table, and a few chairs, the 8x8 vinyl gazebo would be perfect! The 14x14 vinyl gazebo is a very nice family size. Vinyl gazebos provide a perfect look to your garden or yard with its quality features.

Benefits of Vinyl Gazebos

Vinyl gazebos look exactly like traditional gazebos made from wood. These gazebos have a few benefits over other types of gazebos. Some of the benefits include low maintenance, more durability, and highly shielded protection from the weather conditions. Vinyl gazebos give extra comfort when decorated with asphalt shingles, tongue and groove cedar ceiling.


One of the best benefits of vinyl gazebos is the low maintenance required for them. Vinyl gazebos require virtually zero-maintenance because of its flawless quality.


Another visible advantage of vinyl gazebos is its durability and heavy strength. Metal gazebos can rust, peel and show high sensitivity to extreme weather conditions. Vinyl gazebos have none of these serious problems. They will never crack, fade, or lose there colorful shine over a long span of time.


Protection or encapsulation against rough weather conditions is another benefit of vinyl gazebos. Vinyl gazebos are virtually immune to cruel weather conditions. Therefore, you won't have to spend a lot of time applying water sealant and other weatherproofing substances on them.

Different Options Available For Vinyl gazebos:

For vinyl gazebos we recommend asphalt shingles, to keep it maintenance free. You can chose the color and style to match your house if they are available. Vinyl gazebos come in either ivory or white. The composite flooring comes in either buff or gray. We can also get the brand and color of your choice, if it is available. Spindles are standard for vinyl gazebos. However if you prefer the square contemporary style, we can do that as well.

Pumpkin Vinyl Gazebo
Pumpkin gazebo

Roofing and Floor Option for Vinyl Gazebos

This 14x14 vinyl gazebo includes a composite floor. On the vinyl gazebo the standard roofing material is a 30 year asphalt dimensional shingle.

Screens or 4 track poly windows can also be added to this one.

Notice it also has the victorian or 2 tier roof. Spindles are standard on vinyl gazebos. However square ones are also available.

This gazebo also has the removable screen panels and french doors. The next picture shows the interior of this screened gazebo.

Pumpkin Vinyl Gazebo Interior
Pumpkin gazebo interior

Railing Upgrade Option For Vinyl Gazebos

This is the interior of the vinyl gazebo in the previous picture. The rails and posts have treated wood inserts for more strength. The rafters are also made out of treated wood or cedar. Choosing the right furniture for your Vinyl gazebo will greatly enhance the beauty of it.

3 Tier Park Vinyl Gazebo
3 tier park gazebo

Roof Option For Vinyl gazebos

Our victorian roof option is also available for the vinyl gazebos. It is a double or triple roof that gives the gazebo a victorian look, as well as the spindles that are standard with the vinyl package.

This 20x20 octagon gazebo is built on a concrete pad, for a university compound.

The cedar roof is very attractive, but does require maintenance every 3 to 5 years to keep the color. Or you can let it weather naturally and it will turn gray.

Discover how our vinyl gazebos can become a functional and attractive addition to your property. Our gazebos are a unique outdoor gathering place that we guarantee will provide many years of enjoyment! When you are ready to purchase a gazebo for your home, we encourage you to compare the quality, options, and prices we offer at Gazebo Emporium.

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