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Screened Gazebos - Gazebo Emporium

A screened gazebo is a gazebo that has removable screen panels, from floor to ceiling. With the encephalitis scare in the past years, preventing mosquitoes from coming into your gazebo was a great idea. The gazebos that are screened in are much like the regular ones. The screened gazebo also comes with a heavy duty screen door, and side panels on 12x12 gazebos and larger.

Advantages Of Screened Gazebos

A screened gazebo will protect you and give you peace of mind from mosquitoes, flies and other pests.Maybe you would like to grill outside and invite friends over? Serving the food in the screened gazebo will prevent flies from getting on the food, and annoying everyone while they try to eat. Perhaps you would like to throw a small birthday party in the gazebo. You could set up a food table with the cake being displayed and not have to worry about bugs and flies getting into the food.

At Gazebo Emporium , for screened gazebos, you have the option of using pet screen, a very heavy duty nylon screening, ideal for pets. You don't have to worry about torn screens, in your screened gazebo. For your screened gazebo, you have a choice of brown or white metal frames, depending on the color you would like your finished screened gazebo to be.

On every screened gazebo, whether it's a 10x10 gazebo, 8x8 gazebo, 12x12 gazebo or larger size , you will get a heavy duty screened door, to match your side panels. The larger screened gazebos will have side panels on either side of the door, You can also get French doors on your screened gazebo. This applies to the 12x12 gazebo, and larger ones too.

Different Options Available For Screened Gazebos:

Metal Frames - Screened Gazebos

Options for screened gazebos are metal frames, that fit inside of each octagon section, attached with a 1x3 finish strip to hold them in place, or the nylon pet screen with wooden frames. The railing between the two roof sections is also screened on the victorian gazebo.

10x10 Screened Gazebos

For this 10x10 painted octagon gazebo we use white metal frames for the screen panels.The asphalt shingles were chosen to match the house. The cupalo is also screened to prevent wasps etc. from making nests in the screened gazebo.

14x14 Screened Gazebos

This14x14 screened gazebo is designed for more privacy,like a spa or hot tub enclosure. 4 track poly windows are also an option on any screened gazebo. They are available in tinted or clear. This will also make it a lot more comfortable in cooler weather, for more like a 3 seasons gazebo.

We invite you to browse our website for more information and specifications about our products. When it comes to choosing the right gazebo, we hope you'll consider the value, beauty and durability that makes screened gazebos the first choice for you. Call us on (888) 427-4491 with any questions you may have.

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